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Sharing The Good News That
All Animals Go To Heaven

 Niki Behrikis Shanahan

While we all try to comfort these pet parents by telling them how sorry we are, that weíve been through it, too, or other words of comfort, nothing ?but nothing, compares to being able to tell them that their pet has gone to heaven and the Bible shows us this. 

Most people who have pets feel that they go to heaven.  Many people feel that God, our great creator, loves the animals and itís a ďno brainer?that He would make future provisions for them.  But feeling and knowing are two different things.  Many people donít know this truth yet or are just not sure, and theyíre not likely to believe it just because you feel it in your heart.  How many people have you spoken to who say they donít think animals go to heaven or that they just donít know?  Even many people who say they are Christians and know the Bible well have said they donít believe that animals go to heaven.  Itís apparent that thereís a widespread lack of knowledge of the Word of God on this subject.  Would you like to see this change?  Would you like to see more people educated on this subject?  If youíre answer is ďyes,?then itís up to you and me to do it.

Unfortunately, the majority of churches havenít taken the responsibility to study this subject so they can teach people.  Most veterinarians, regardless of how caring they may be, donít feel that this is a subject they should cover, and while pet loss counselors try to assist people during times of mourning, they are not expected to be proficient at Bible theology and interpretation.

The first thing we need to do is find the answer for ourselves and then we can help others.  Youíll need to study Bible scripture and you can use There Is Eternal Life For Animals as a guide or just go through your own process of study.  After the passing of my great love, Pete the cat, I began studying this subject extensively in the Bible.  Because I didnít find this information documented anywhere to my satisfaction, I decided I needed to write notes on the subject.  Once these notes began to accumulate and I started to organize them, I realized that the Lord was speaking to me about writing the book, There Is Eternal Life For Animals so I could help others.

Each of us can become a little ray of light, which together creates a massive floodlight in a dark and lost world.  Jesus said, ďYou are the light of the world,?referring to all His followers (Matthew 5:14).  Unfortunately, each day someone looses a beloved animal companion.  That means that these people need a support system.  While we all try to comfort these pet parents by telling them how sorry we are, that weíve been through it, too, or other words of comfort, nothing ?but nothing, compares to being able to tell them that their pet has gone to heaven and the Bible shows us this.  The animals share in the same anticipation that we do of a future in heaven for eternity! (Romans 8:19-23)  That really changes things, doesnít it?  It means that the separation is only temporary!

What can we accomplish by sharing the good news with others?  We can bring them comfort and great hope for a future together in heaven with their beloved animal companions.  It will teach people the truth straight from the Word of God ?The Bible.  It will show them that God loves all of His creatures, and expects us to take proper care of them and respect them.  The Bible says a righteous person takes good care of animals, but the mercies of the wicked are cruel.  (Proverbs 12:10)   It will make people think about the conditions and treatment that animals endure, which should inspire them to speak up in defense of the animals.  Hopefully, they will become proactive in signing petitions to support proper treatment of animals.  Some day we hope to see more pet loss support provided in this positive and uplifting way.

I receive correspondence all the time from people who are comforted by the book and extremely happy to know this truth.  They are pleased to have this website as a resource.  During the grieving period a timely and readily available resource can make a considerable difference in the well being of the bereaved. 

Letís start with the basics.  Where do we find the answer?  First, we study the subject from the Bible, because this is the book that God has given to us.  We must become well learned on the subject.   The Bible is the proof that Christians need and if you study the subject, youíll have the appropriate responses for objections that you may encounter.  So once youíve studied and know the answer, what do you do next?  Spread the word.  Letís look at some examples of what people did to share this truth with others.

One person showed the book to her mother who has never been particularly an animal lover.  Her mother borrowed the book and read it.  It made such an impression on her that she said she looks at animals in a totally different manner now.  She said she never realized that the Bible said so much about animals.  This is no surprise since there are people who have been reading the Bible all their lives, and never knew what God has to say about animals. 

One veterinarian said after reading the book, ďYour book certainly did cause me to do some more thinking about a subject that is very important to many of my clients.  It also caused me to adjust my thinking to be in line with what I think the Bible teaches.?nbsp; Another veterinarian keeps a copy of the book on a table in the chapel for animals that he has in his practice so that it will serve as a resource for pet parents.

Someone who read the book was so happy to see proof in the scriptures that she contacted me for a quantity discount, and bought several copies of the book.  She gave them to different people, including her pastor and left one in the church library.  Her pastor read the book and liked it so much that he gave her permission to use the book as a guide to teach in their Sunday School in a church with over 5,000 people!  Teaching young people early is the proper way to change things for the better.  Now this wonít happen in all churches, as we know, but it can happen in some. Although there are scatterings of churches that pray for animals, perhaps someday more people will be able to ask their churches to pray for their sick pets.

You can lend someone your book, buy them one for a gift or direct them to this website.  For people who canít afford a book, they can ask their local library to purchase it.  Many libraries will buy a book if you ask them to, and then when itís returned it will be sitting on the shelf waiting for someone else who needs it.

You can ask the editors and columnists of pet magazines, newsletters, newspapers, and other periodicals to do an article on animals going to heaven based on Bible scripture, see if theyíll do a book review or list the book on their website.  Iíve heard some editors say that they donít think people want to hear about pet loss subjects because itís too sad.  We need pet loss support just as we need support when we loose our human family members.  And, I canít think of a more positive type of pet loss support than to learn that your beloved animal companion is still alive and in heaven.  Can you?  If editors hear it from their readers, theyíll start covering the subject.  Another way to spread the word is to ask people to link to our website. 

We can make a significant difference if everyone would pass on the good news to someone they know.  So the next time you hear of somebody who has lost their beloved animal companion, tell them the separation is only temporary!

A prayer to reveal the truth about the
future of all of Godís creatures

Dear Lord,

We come before You to ask You to help us to spread the good news about the animals going to heaven so that everyone will know the truth that You left us in the Word of God.  We ask that You would instill an interest in learning this good news to multitudes of people, and open the spiritual eyes of all those who study the subject.  May Your name be glorified in the peace and comfort it gives to mourning pet parents and may it soften their pain.  May we all be ready to make heaven our home someday, so we can join our pets there for eternity.  Bless this ministry and everyone who works with us to share the truth.  We ask in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.  Amen.


Niki Behrikis Shanahan is the author of There Is Eternal Life For Animals, The Rainbow Bridge: Pet Loss Is Heaven's Gain, and Animal Prayer Guide, Pete Publishing, www.eternalanimals.com.  Article copyright 2004 Niki Behrikis Shanahan.   All rights reserved.  Not to be used without author's explicit written authorization.

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