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The Rainbow Bridge: Pet Loss Is Heaven's Gain

This book was such a great comfort and confirmation in regards to the reuniting of all my beloved pets I have had.  I miss the ones I have lost and this book gave me that extra comfort knowing I will be back with my pets...forever.  I loved the first book "There is Eternal Life for Animals."  It was such a great reference with Bible Scriptures to back up how God loves all his creatures and they will not be forgotten. Then "Animal Prayer Guide" was a great follow up for praying over my pets I now have. This newest book has so many famous and reliable people backing up the scriptures and also confirming what I always believed in my heart that my pets will be in heaven with me.It is great to know I am not alone in believing this. Thanks to Niki for gathering up the information in a third book ~  The Rainbow Bridge: Pet Loss Is Heaven's Gain.  This is a must to own and a real comfort to share with others. Bless you, Niki for taking the time to write another great book.

Carolyn Booth, Texas
June 5, 2008

When I received "The Rainbow Bridge:  Pet Loss Is Heaven's Gain" I could hardly wait to read it, and I wasn't disappointed.  What wonderful truths the Bible has about our animals.  God is soooo good and I love Him so very much.  Thank you for your lovely books.  They are a blessing to me and many others, as well.  Don't forget if you write any more books, please let me know as I will always buy them.  God bless you always and keep you under His Almighty Wings.

Myra, Australia
June 26, 2007

I lost my precious Lucky dog, 9/11/07, he was 15 years old, and I wanted him to live forever.  A friend suggested I read the Rainbow Bridge Poem, which in turn sent me to Amazon to see what books were available on Pet Loss and Grief.  Your book The Rainbow Bridge: Pet Loss Is Heaven’s Gain is the first one I’ve read, and have ordered 2 more of your books to read.  You absolutely make me know he’s not suffering, and is waiting for me.  I look forward to the day we’ll be together again.  Thank You so much for your uplifting words. 

Thanks again, Barb
October 4, 2007

I was excited to hear that Ms. Shanahan had a new book release.  I have had the pleasure to read and review her two former works, There Is Eternal Life For Animals and Animal Prayer Guide, and I was truly the one who was blessed.  As I settled down to read her new work, I knew this too would be a blessing to me and I was not disappointed.
In her new work, The Rainbow Bridge: Pet Loss Is Heaven's Gain, our author again takes us through Biblical proof that our beloved pets are indeed waiting for us on the other side.  As always, her research is concise and conclusive, and leaves you with the reassurance that God truly is taking care of our beloved pets.  However, she goes into some new veins in this work such as sharing how pets were companions throughout history.  I found this information to be so interesting that I reread it several times.

And I absolutely loved Chapter three, "Encouraging and Miraculous Stories."  These stories warmed my heart and uplifted me for days.  Wonderful.  She goes on in Chapter Four to discuss what the Bible says about life after death, Chapter Five deals with overcoming depression and she gives you some helpful advice and  aids to implement to help lessen the blow of your loss.  In Chapter 6 she encourages us to look to the future.  It is a great feeling and brings much comfort to know that your pet is being well taken care of, and is eagerly awaiting the reuniting with you.  And her final chapter is given to a Memorial Service that you can hold for your  pet, allowing you a way of closure for your loss, and respect to the pet you love.
As far as this reviewer is concerned I strongly feel that Ms. Shanahan should be given a standing ovation for the work she has done in the awareness that our  passing pets are certainly part of our future.  She has felt the very pulse of grieving pet owners and carefully applied healing ointment to help mend the broken heart, and bring hope and peace through her writings.  Her new book is yet just another cooling balm to sooth the troubled soul.  I cannot encourage you enough to read every one of her excellent books; you will never be the same.  Thank you, Ms. Shanahan, from the owner of many beloved pets who I know are waiting for me on the other side.  I am sure in Heaven when they hear your name, they smile.
Rev. Shirley Johnson
Senior Reviewer
MidWest Book Review
Co-Pastor, Palatka, Florida

“For anyone who has ever lost a beloved pet companion, The Rainbow Bridge: Pet Loss Is Heaven's Gain by Niki Behrikis Shanahan is a source of comfort, hope and encouragement that the reader will want to revisit again and again during the difficult days ahead.

While reading this wonderful book, you will come away with the feeling that Ms. Shanahan is sitting right there beside you,

sharing  in your pain and sorrow, as she relates to you the inspiring true story of her own personal loss and redemption after the passing of her beloved cat, Pete.

Give this book to anyone who has lost a pet, and you will be giving them a two-fold blessing:  Not only will they will receive the peace and assurance of knowing with certainty that their pets are in the presence of God and that someday they will be re-united with them again in Heaven, but they will also learn of God's loving plan to help them overcome the devastating pain and depression that accompanies the loss of a pet.

Ms. Shanahan's book shows us many wonderful and special ways that we can forever memorialize our pets while at the same time offering us the strength and courage to one day love again.”

Annie Mals, President
The Peaceful Kingdom Alliance 4 Animals, California

Your new book is very special!  It gives those who are grieving over the loss of a beloved pet, the comfort and assurance that they will be together again in Heaven.  You also show how to move through the grieving process.  So many of us were taught that animals just return to the dust, and it is wonderful to have proof from Scripture that animals do live on with us in Heaven.  Thank you for giving us this knowledge and hope for our beloved pets. 

Frances Weber
President & Founder, The Ark, South Carolina

“This is a wonderful, promising book to read, especially for those who are grieving over the loss of their loving pets, as I am.  The information will assure you that, by God's own words and promise, your pet is now safe and healthy up in Heaven, waiting for you.”

Susie Meskell

Based on scripture, Christians believe all creatures have body, soul, and spirit, that Heaven is a very real place, and that God breathed the breath of life and spirit into animals as well as humans. Those who love their pets will find great comfort in this beautiful book, Christian and non-Christian readers alike. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, the comfort and hope delivered in this book are real and tangible.
Our modern world can be chaotic and frightening. Man’s inhumanity to fellow humans is often horrifying, leaving us numb and sometimes cynical. A majority of us find comfort in the unconditional love and devotion of our pets. When a pet dies, we mourn, often losing ourselves in black depression at that loss. Niki Behrikis Shanahan has grieved in such a way and understands our sorrow but takes comfort in the knowledge that lost pets are scampering in Heaven, waiting to be reunited with their human companions. Chapter by chapter, the author offers hopeful solutions to our sadness and loss, offering scriptural proof that animals and humans are important to God and are not truly dead when they die. She encourages us with miraculous stories of near death and death bed visions of animal companions thriving in their heavenly home. Step by step she leads readers out of depression and into the light of hope.
Whether dead or alive, animal companions live in our hearts. They give us joy in a world that is rarely joyful. When they die, their spirit continues to live. That is the author’s message in a wonderful book I highly recommend.
Review by Laurel Johnson for Midwest Book Review
June 29, 2007


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