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Animal Prayer Guide

This book was a great inspiration for me. Remembering to keep my pets covered in prayer and protection. Wonderful ideas and thought provoking! Always a reminder that the Lord wants our pets included in our prayers, and they are important to Him.  Thanks for reminding me! Wonderful Reading! Highly Recommended!

Carolyn Booth, Texas, April 27, 2007

Thank you so much Niki for writing this much needed Scripturally based book. It is full of wonderful prayers for all occassions, delightful stories and pictures, and wonderful thoughts. There's no other book like it! As people read they will get blessed and comforted and they will be sending out prayers for all the precious animals of the world. God Bless You Niki for such a wonderful work!

Marilyn Desmond, Virginia, April 25, 2007

I use the sample prayers in Animal Prayer Guide daily for my two cats, Sylvester and Rocky. What a great book! The sample prayers are so handy to have, and the whole book is so encouraging. I really like the Blessing of the Animals Service, too. It explains how God wants all His creatures healthy and well, and is an essential daily tool for your animal companions.

Lesley Boccia, Alaska, March 9, 2006

I bought this book when my cat Gareth disappeared.  It was very helpful to me as the author included prayers for lost, sick and abused animals in general.  It makes for a good reference book, and gives a few ideas on how to get back your pet.  It also contains cute stories about different animals. I got my pet back after loosing him for 9 days. So I highly recommend this book for any animal lovers.

Myriam Baynard, Wyoming, June 27, 2005

I read Niki Behrikis Shanahan's book, Animal Prayer Guide, and used the Memorial Service in it. Having this Memorial Service readily available was especially helpful, as I was at a loss for words or Scriptures to use during this traumatic time. I love the prayers for saying grace, for sick pets, the Blessing of the Animals Service, and all the other prayers that have been prepared and ready for you to customize. She also has interesting stories and photos throughout the book. I'm glad I have this book on hand for any situation that may come my way as a pet parent.

Tina Morse, TX, December 7, 2005

The Animal Prayer Guide is written with the firm conviction that animal beings are just as worthy as humans of the attention, concern, and blessings of their Creator.
The author does not try to bolster this position with Biblical or theological arguments: for her it is a faith-based fact. She offers hope, comfort, and practical suggestions to help deal with the everyday challenges that face animals and their human companions.
There are prayers for lost animals, for those confined in shelters, and for those who are sick and in need of healing. Along with prayers addressed to particular situations, the author has provided pertinent scriptural references and heart-warming anecdotes, along with quotations from such diverse sources as William Blake and Abraham Lincoln. There are also celebratory prayers and rituals that include animal companions in the observance of holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.
The Animal Prayer Guide includes a section that can be used in a blessing-of-the-animals either individually, with a few friends, or as part of a church service.
Finally, there are prayers and reflections for a memorial service that not only commemorates the life of a companion who has passed on, but also offers scriptural promises that the parting is only temporary and there will come a time when ď[God] will wipe away every tear....there will be no more death or crying or mourning or pain because the old order of things has passed away.Ē

J. R. Hyland, Founder of Humane Religion, 2005

Psalms 36:6 assures us that God loves man and animals alike. It is on this scripture that Ms. Shanahan builds the framework of Animal Prayer Guide. Using scriptures as her guide, along with heartwarming stories and photos, the author takes us step by step through daily life with our animal companions. Animals share our world. They breathe the same air we breathe. Animals suffer and die as humans do, and are resurrected into Heaven as we are. It stands to reason then that the same prayers spoken for humans should be prayed for animals.

The author makes her case for animals beautifully through God's Word. She also shares stories of miracle healings and angelic protection related to animals. For the readers' convenience, model prayers are offered for a variety of needs including:

praying over our pets' food and water;
praying for healing, protection, and emergencies;
anointing with oil;
a pet memorial service.

Most of us grieve over the loss of a pet as much or sometimes more than the loss of a human friend because animals love as God loves, unconditionally. The Animal Prayer Guide offers hope and comfort to all readers who love and care about their pets. This quote from St. Francis of Assisi sums up this book perfectly: "If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men."

This book is highly recommended for people who love and care about their animal companions.

Laurel Johnson
Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review, June 30, 2005

Animal Prayer Guide is a lovely book.  I now feel that I can ask the Lord for healing for myself as well as my pets.  In the past I did not want to ask for things for myself, but after reading Animal Prayer Guide and seeing the Bible scriptures and prayers, I know that I can.  Believe it of not ..... I feel better already!

Marg, Belguim, June 8, 2005

Animal Prayer Guide is a wonderfully comforting and inspirational book!

By writing Animal Prayer Guide, Niki Behrikis Shanahan has empowered the laity to pray and hold services for their beloved animal companions and for all other animals.  Unfortunately, this is something that most clergy have refused or have been very reluctant to do.

For many people, companion animals are like their children.  They want them to be healthy and happy and to enjoy the life God has given them.  They're concerned when they're sick, and they mourn deeply over their loss.  As a retired pastor, I continue to counsel and pray with people who grieve over the death of any loved one, and it is obvious that the emotional stress is the same for both humans and other animals.  These people want the assurance that beloved companions will be in heaven.  Animal Prayer Guide will make this comforting ministry easier.

Throughout this book the author has shown the world that all living beings, whether human or non-human, were lovingly created by God, and that there is a place in heaven for us all.  Furthermore, this book confirms that all beings are worthy of our prayers and God's blessings.  If it is proper to pray for humans, it is also proper to pray for all other animals.

Sample blessings and prayers are sprinkled throughout all the chapters of Animal Prayer Guide, and in the last chapter there is a sample memorial service.

Niki Behrikis Shanahan's Animal Prayer Guide is a much needed "tool" to help people comfortably pray for animals, everywhere and for every need.  Thank you, Niki, for writing it.

Frank L. Hoffman
The Mary T. and Frank L. Hoffman Family Foundation
Athens, New York, www.all-creatures.org

My prescription: provide good food and exercise, see your veterinarian for yearly exams, and use the prayers in this wonderful book.

Amanda Oden Corliss, DVM
Massachusetts, May 25, 2005

Absolutely packed full of essential knowledge, this work should be kept as a reference book for all those who love God's creation.  It is clear and concise, informative and Biblical, yet folded within the pages, is the heart of God, His love for you and His love for His creation.  This is a must read, a must have reference work, that you will refer to time and time again.  Questions answered and backed up by Scripture, sample prayers to use along the way, and encouragement to never give up can all be found within the pages of this book.

Rev. Shirley Johnson, Florida
Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review
Co-Pastor, Palatka, Florida, April 29, 2005

There has long been a need for such a prayer guide and I am very grateful to the Lord that He has inspired Niki Behrikis Shanahan to produce this labor of love.  The Animal Prayer Guide is a logical and worthy sequel to her book There Is Eternal Life For Animals.  It will be an encouragement, inspiration, and comfort to many of Godís people who love Godís animals.

Rev. Dr. Peter Hammond
Founder and Director of Frontline Fellowship
Cape Town, South Africa, May 2, 2005

I just finished reading Animal Prayer Guide, and it is a beautiful book!  You have not only told how to properly pray for our pets and all animals, you have also provided a good start for anyone who wants to learn how to pray in faith and get results.  The stories you included were heartwarming and special, and you have included much Scripture as a basis for all that you are sharing.  This book will be a blessing to animal lovers, just as There Is Eternal Life For Animals has been.

Frances Weber
President & Founder, The Ark
South Carolina, May 25, 2005

Animal Prayer Guide is a lifelong treasury of hope and love not only for you and your cherished companion animals, but also for all of those less fortunate who are lost, alone and abandoned.  Based purely on Bible Scripture, the prayers in Animal Prayer Guide will be a source of comfort and assurance for you and your pets for many years to come.  Filled with numerous true stories of wit and wisdom in equal parts, Ms. Shanahanís second book is a pure delight.  This book shatters the myth that animals are outside the circle of Godís abiding love and compassion, and calls upon all of us to be Good Shepherds ... not only for our own pets, but for ALL of Godís creatures.

Annie Mals
President, The Peaceful Kingdom
Alliance 4 Animals, California, May 5, 2005

Animal Prayer Guide is a moving and insightful book for those who want to pray for their pets and all animals.  The scriptures on prayer, faith, and receiving answers from God are a balm for the soul from the Word of God.  A blessing and a must read for all animal lovers, just as There Is Eternal Life For Animals is.

Ann Chase, President & Founder
Noah's Ark Foundation
Animal Breeder & Trainer
Honor Golden Retrievers, North Carolina, May 2, 2005

It is helpful for us to be able to turn to some form of already constructed prayer to help us communicate with God quickly, directly and effectively.  Animal Prayer Guide is destined to become a basic in any animal-lovers library.

Reverends John & Lauren McLaughlin
Port Richey, Florida, May 25, 2005






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