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A Future Life For Animals

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Lukie Shanahan Remembrance Page
1996 ~ October 24, 2011

Joey Shanahan Remembrance Page
1999 (1999 estimated year as he was a stray) ~ September 29, 2012


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Books By Niki Behrikis Shanahan


There Is
Eternal Life
For Animals


Book Description:

Proves through Bible
Scripture that all
animals go to Heaven.

God Promised
The Animals
Eternal Life


Do pets go to heaven?  This book is about the afterlife of animals  from a Christian perspective.  According to the Bible, all animals go to heaven! 


This well-researched book is a comfort for those who have lost a pet.



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Book Description/ Table Of Contents




Cover Photo of
Pete Shanahan

Current Resident of Heaven!

1980 - December 15, 2001


Click here to see what Frederick K. C. Price, D.D. said about
There Is Eternal Life For Animals

Dr. Price is Founder and Pastor of Crenshaw Christian Center, Los Angeles, CA

His Program, Ever Increasing Faith, is televised on Christian stations all over the United States, his church membership is over 22,000 people, and he is the author of about 50 books.



"I have just finished reading the book and feel that it was well done.  May the Lord bless you."


Rev. Dr. Jack Van Impe, World-Renowned Theologian
Jack Van Impe Ministries International, Troy, Michigan

Click here to see what Rev. Dr. Jack Van Impe said about
There Is Eternal Life For Animals


There Is Eternal Life For Animals has been featured in Animals in Heaven?  DVD/Video by Dr. Jack Van Impe & Rexella, March 2003.


For more information about Rev. Dr. Jack Van Impe and his wife, Rexella, in the Resources section of this website.



"There Is Eternal Life for Animals" focuses on so many Scriptures which plainly deal with and include animals, showing that God does have a plan for animals, and just as Noah was commanded by God to provide for the saving of the animals from the flood, so Christians can expect Christ's much greater redemption to include all the incredibly diverse animals which the Lord has created.


Rev. Dr. Peter Hammond, Founder & Director of Frontline Fellowship

Cape Town, South Africa.

Click here to see what Rev. Dr. Peter Hammond said about There Is Eternal Life For Animals


For more information about Rev. Dr. Peter Hammond, Missionary from South Africa, in the Reviews and Resources section of this website.



As an Ordained Minister of the Gospel I have always known that animals would be a part of eternity, but never took the time to research the Scriptures on this subject as author Niki Behrikis Shanahan has.  I tip my hat to her for doing an outstanding job in bringing to light the truth of eternity for all living things.


Rev. Shirley Johnson, Co-Pastor, Palatka, Florida

For more information about Rev. Shirley Johnson in the Reviews and Resources section of this website.

The RainbowBridge:
Pet Loss Is
Heaven's Gain


Book Description:

Pet loss support
from a
Christian perspective.

Look Forward To A Future With Your Beloved Animal Companion

This book was written to provide the much-needed support for the loss of your beloved animal companion. 

You’ll be encouraged to hear the stories of people who have witnessed their pets in Heaven through near-death, out-of-body, and deathbed experiences

You can learn through the Bible that none of God’s creatures are really dead when they die.  Your pet has gone to heaven, and is waiting to be reunited with you someday.  Learn how to overcome depression, and look to our most promising future with them.

Click on the Graphics to Read The Back Cover

Book Description/ Table Of Contents






Book Description:

Prayers and blessings
for your pet that you
can use everyday.

Experience The
Power Of
God In Prayer!

We recommend Animal Prayer Guide so that you will understand the Scriptures pertaining to prayer, faith, and the promises of God. Spiritual knowledge translates into physical blessings when we activate the Word of God.

By studying the Bible Scriptures you will increase your knowledge of God, and learn how prayer and healing can work for you and your animal companion. We are always happy to pray for your pet, but we all need to learn how to call on God for help 24/7.

Click on the Graphics to Read The Back Cover

Book Description/Table of Contents



You'll find sample prayers for saying grace over your pet's food, prayers for sick and lost pets.  Daily prayers, prayers for emergencies, for traveling, special occasions, pray for all animals everywhere and animal shelters.  Now you can have special blessing services for your animal companions.  Anoint them with oil.  This book gives sample services for Blessing of the Animals, Animal Dedications, and Memorial Services.




Who Says Animals Go To Heaven?


Book Description:

A Collection Of Prominent Christian Leaders’ Beliefs
In Life After Death For Animals


Read The Back Cover
Book Description

Who Says Animals Go To Heaven?  This book will show you some of the Ministers who said it!  If you ever wondered if animals go to Heaven, this book will answer your question.  This is a collection of 63 commentaries from Christian Ministers who share their belief that all animals have eternal life.  These Bible experts cross the lines of denominations, and span throughout generations and geographical locations.   I have arranged these commentaries in alphabetical order, and I’ve included a brief biography of each individual.  We’ll tell you the source where these commentaries are found. 

If you've ever had a Minister tell you that animals don't go to Heaven, you'll really appreciate this book.  It expands on all the Scriptures we covered in There Is Eternal Life For Animals, which proved that all animals go to Heaven, and now you can hear it straight from the Ministers.  It is a very exciting and revealing collection of commentaries that has never been compiled in one book before!

Dr. Jack Van Impe read through your book “Who Says Animals Go To Heaven?” and he was quite impressed with it. 
Ken Vancil, Executive Director, Jack Van Impe Ministries, July 22, 2008


 Click on Graphic to See the Miracle Photo of  "The Cross of Snow


ANGELS Are Watching Over Us

Angels watch over us and our pets.

E-Book Available Now! Click Here

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