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The Cross of Snow


This is the "Cross of Snow."  Exactly one year after our cat, Pete,
passed away this Cross of Snow appeared directly over his grave!


This photo shows what the snow normally looks like
on the rock when it snows.  As you can see, the
whole top section of the rock is covered with
snow -- not just the cross!.


This photo shows a normal melt-down of the snow.
The cross area has already melted and only one corner of the rock is still covered with snow.

This photo shows Pete's marble marker,
his cat ornaments and flowers.



This photo shows a close-up of how the rock appears
now, June '03.  You can see the indent that made the
horizontal part and the branch that made the
vertical line.  Even with winds that tip over a wooden
bench, this branch remained on the rock.


Our cat, Pete, passed away at 21 years of age on December 15, 2001.  On December 15, 2002, exactly one year later, we had some snow here in Massachusetts.  This snow shaped cross appeared on the big rock right over Pete's grave on the one year anniversary of his passing.  Coincidence?  Notice that the rest of the rock has no snow, and all the trees and ground around it have snow on them.  While I believe there is a branch forming the vertical part of the cross, there is no explanation as to why there is no snow anywhere else on the rock.  The branch remained there throughout the winter, but we did not see the display of the Cross of Snow again -- only on the one-year anniversary of Pete's passing.  We know that this is a sign from God that Pete is alive and well in heaven waiting for us, and thus is a representation of all animal creation and their afterlife in heaven!   We felt that showing you these photos might bring you hope and comfort that God is taking care of our beloved pets up in heaven! 

The Cross of Snow photo inspired poet, Ginger S. Buck, to write this poem:

To My Cat Mom, Niki

You gave me your best
And now I'm at rest.
I lived a long time, you know -

Our memories are fond
My love far beyond
Than time could ever go.

I miss you so much
That I wanted to touch
You - with a Cross of Snow!

From Your Loving Guy, Pete!

By Ginger S. Buck
Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Copyright 2003 Ginger S. Buck.  All rights reserved.
Not to be used without author's explicit written authorization.





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