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Saved by the White Cat

It was a dark, cold wintry night, and the changing weather had caused a fog so dense that you couldn't see more than a foot in front of your car. My friend and I were on our way to visit someone who had given us directions to her house. After half an hour of driving, we realized that we had forgotten to take the paper with the directions on it. Our friend's new home was located in a remote rural area in the mountains of western Pennsylvania. As we passed the last landmark before her home, we began to count the dirt trails that intersected with the road we were on. When we reached what we believed to be the right one, we turned onto it and bounced along the road through the forest toward where we thought the house was located.

A few minutes into our drive, a white cat suddenly appeared in front of our car in the center of the trail. It looked through the windshield directly at us through the heavy fog. My friend slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting the cat. Our hearts were in our throats. We were certain that we had hit the cat and that we'd find it under the wheels of the car. We got out of the car to look for the cat, but it wasn't there. We hadn't seen it move from the spot where it stood in the center of the road, and we were practically on top of it before we realized it was there. I walked behind the car to look, but the cat wasn't there. I then decided to walk up ahead of the car for a bit to see if I could locate it. That's when I made the discovery that the cat had saved our lives. Not more than five feet in front of where the car had stopped was the edge of a cliff. There was no barrier - just a sheer drop off the side of the mountain. We searched and searched, but never found the cat. That dear, sweet, beautiful animal had been a guardian angel to the two of us that night.

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