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Tail Of The Cat


A cat's tail acts as an extension of its thoughts, an indicator of its mood and as a warning of intention.

Broad swishing of the tail indicates annoyance. For example, a cat that decides it's had enough petting will signal you by swishing its tail in impatience. If you continue, your cat may "bat" you with it's paw or growl softly. Though usually good-humored, the batting is an act of aggression indicating your cat's agitation.

Severely agitated

Agitated cats will move their tails rapidly back and forth from the base, a clear threatening signal. Generally speaking, the larger and more rapid the swish, the more upset the cat. It is to the cat's advantage to exhibit a visible warning to other cats (and to you), in an effort to avoid direct conflict. Cat's involved in a conflict may extend their fully bristled tail straight into the air and turn their body sideways to appear larger.

Fear or Submission

If a cat is afraid or is trying to avoid a confrontation with a dominant cat, it's tail will "puff up" or become bristled. It will then lower it's tail or tuck it betweens it's legs as a sign of submission.

Excitement or Curiosity

Twitches of the tail display excitement and curiosity.

A raised tail, as long as the fur isn't bristled, indicates that the cat is being friendly. If the cat is really excited, as often happens when you come home after a long day at work, or when you open a can of cat food, the upraised tail might begin to twitch with anticipation. The cat will probably next try to talk to her owner, or begin rubbing against her owner.

Some Other Thoughts On Cats

A cat has absolute honesty...
A cat will show you how it feels about you.
People hide their feelings for various reasons,
But cats never do."

Ernest Hemingway



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