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Book Description

Who Says Animals Go To Heaven?

A Collection Of Prominent Christian Leaders’ Beliefs
In Life After Death For Animals


Who Says Animals Go To Heaven?  This book will show you some of the Ministers who said it!  If you ever wondered if animals go to Heaven, this book will answer your question. 

This is a collection of 63 commentaries from Christian Ministers who share their belief that all animals have eternal life.  These Bible experts cross the lines of denominations, and span throughout generations and geographical locations.  I have arranged these commentaries in alphabetical order, and I’ve included a brief biography of each individual with qualifications and educational background.  We’ll tell you the source where these commentaries are found.  It also includes 4 commentaries from non-clerical people. 

We have some very distinguished writers – five who have penned famous hymns that are still sung in churches today.  You’ll find out the connection between a very popular devotional booklet called Our Daily Bread and one Minister in our book.

This is a project that I researched and worked on for several years.  It was very labor intensive, and detailed, but I felt it was very important for us to have this collection for our encouragement and confirmation that all animals go to Heaven.

If you've ever had a Minister tell you that animals don't go to Heaven, you'll really appreciate this book.  It expands on all the Scriptures we covered in There Is Eternal Life For Animals, which proved that all animals go to Heaven, and now you can hear it straight from the Ministers.  It is a very exciting and revealing collection of commentaries that has never been compiled in one book before!



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