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Animal Prayer Guide

Book Description


Experience The Power Of God In Prayer!

We recommend Animal Prayer Guide so that you will understand the Scriptures pertaining to prayer, faith, and the promises of God. Spiritual knowledge translates into physical blessings when we activate the Word of God.

By studying the Bible Scriptures you will increase your knowledge of God, and learn how prayer and healing can work for you and your animal companion. We are always happy to pray for your pet, but we all need to learn how to call on God for help 24/7.

You'll find sample prayers for saying grace over your pet's food, prayers for sick and lost pets.  Daily prayers, prayers for emergencies, for traveling, special occasions, pray for all animals everywhere and animal shelters.  Now you can have special blessing services for your animal companions.  Anoint them with oil.  This book gives sample services for Blessing of the Animals, Animal Dedications, and Memorial Services.

Table Of Contents

 Chapter 1

Introduction To Prayer

Chapter 2

Prayer Overview

Chapter 3

Special Prayers For Our Animal Companions

Chapter 4

Prayer For Animals Everywhere

Chapter 5

Blessing The Animals

Chapter 6

Blessings For All Occasions

Chapter 7

Memorial Service

Includes A Table Of Contents
To Quickly Find The Following Prayers:

Quick Reference Prayer Directory

Holy Communion Prayer

The Our Father

Grace Over Your Pet’s Food

Daily Prayer For Your Pet

Prayer For Healing

Prayer For All Animals

Prayer For The Return Of A Lost Pet

Prayer For Emergencies

Prayer For Protection While Traveling

Prayer For Animal Shelters

Prayer To End Animal Cruelty

Prayer For A Blessing Of The Animals Service

Blessing Of The Animals – Closing Prayer

Thanksgiving Blessing Prayer

Easter Blessing Prayer

A Christmas Prayer

A Valentine’s Day Prayer

Prayer While Singing

Prayer For Dedication Of Your Pet

Prayer In A Memorial Service

Prayer For Salvation


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